AIDE Partnership Benefits

Photo of two people who are blind shaking hands
  • 1

    Tools and practical strategies for developing a transformative accessibility and inclusion mindset

  • 2

    Resources for finding evidence-based disability data and research that best supports your ability to build a business case for choosing, inclusion, and accessibility to align with key stakeholders, potential partners, industry trends, and leaders

  • 3
    Access to emerging practices, innovative initiatives, and insight into understanding the accessibility return on investment and how it contributes to your business success by breaking down systemic barriers that exacerbate access to visual information
  • 4

    Resources and networking opportunities to gain experience about who your potential key stakeholders are and how best to leverage their lived experience with today’s technology

  • 5

    Access to national forums and webinars facilitated by subject matter experts in accessibility and inclusion

  • 6

    Engage with key stakeholders and end users of products and services to learn strategies for designing equity and inclusive practices to foster authentic experiences that inform and transform access to visual information designed to change the paradigm of marginalization and isolation for the blind community